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Charles Denyer Cybersecurity and Speaking Reviews:

“Charles, you have tremendous knowledge and understanding of today’s complex cybersecurity and data privacy issues. You’re an asset to any company”

“Your expertise in Cybersecurity is in great demand”

“ Glad this country has cyber experts like you, so thanks for your efforts”

“ We need people like you in today's cyber world, no question about it”

“Charles, thanks for your most recent book, and thank you for your expertise and all you do in helping America fight the growing cybersecurity threats that businesses are facing today.”

“Charles’ vision, understanding of the global cybersecurity landscape, and his ability to help businesses understand and leverage cybersecurity as a competitive advantage is unprecedented”

“Charles, thanks for your expertise. You’re a proven expert in the field of information security and data privacy issues”

“Charles, thanks for sharing your immense cybersecurity knowledge and expertise with me. You’re a seasoned expert and I have no doubt that you’re in great demand all over the world”

“We’re fortunate to have Charles in our organization where his information technology and cybersecurity experience can directly benefit our partners”

“I have worked with Charles several times in the past- he's one of those talented people you keep on your short list of consultants and subject matter experts. The first time he assisted me was in a different organization and an entirely different capacity (as an independent contractor). Guess what? He mastered new skills since then and has founded a first-class company; you can be sure of excellent audit and advisory services. I recommend his services to my clients without reserve”

“Charles’ knowledge on cybersecurity is impressive indeed. I don’t know of another person who truly understands the security and regulatory practices landscape like Charles. He’s a tremendous asset to any business who not only wants to secure their data, but grow their business and as Charles likes to say, “Outflank your competition”. If you are looking for a lively-engaging keynote speaker that can keep your audience on the edge of their seats while talking about a complex issue Charles is your guy!

“Want a speaker that educates and empowers your organization? How about somebody who truly understands cybersecurity, data privacy, and the emerging challenges, threats, and opportunities for businesses? That person is Charles Denyer.

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Our Nation's No.2 Reviews

"Charles Denyer has produced a marvelous book on the creation of the modern vice presidency and its evolution over the course of four decades, describing in detail how this poorly conceived and neglected office was transformed into a national asset that not only serves the president better but the nation as well. Denyer traces how the "Mondale Model" has been successfully employed by five subsequent administrations. It's an important story -- must reading for those who care about our government -- and we're indebted to Denyer for telling it so well."

"Charles Denyer captures with great accuracy the exceptional role George H.W. Bush played as vice president and president. More than in any other examination, Charles thoroughly captured and carefully analyzed the difficulty a vice president confronts in mounting a successful campaign for president. That George H.W. Bush was successful as a vice president and in his quest for the presidency remains a historic rarity and a lasting tribute to his extraordinary attributes as a leader who remained through it all a kind and thoughtful individual."

"Charles Denyer has described the evolving status - ranging over time from ignored laughingstock to influential advisor - of the American vice president. He describes how Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale charted a new role for the vice presidency, and tells how their insightful, progressive concept was adopted by their successors. Denyer's book is a pleasure to read as well as a valuable resource to help us all appreciate how a major change in US government was achieved by mere agreement, not by constitutional amendment or act of law."

I found Our Nation’s No. 2: The Rising Influence of America’s Modern Vice Presidency absolutely fascinating. Charles Denyer’s expertise and connections in and around the political elite are obvious, yet everyone can appreciate his well-written book. He unlocks a world few have seen while education the population about behind the office. History lovers and political enthusiasts will enjoy this book and interested in other books by this author. Well done and highly recommended read. I will probably require my high school students to read this book as there is much to be gained by this author

Number One Observatory Circle Reviews:

“…spectacular. I love the style and content. Very human and a different perspective. You have produced a remarkable and absorbing book. Congratulations!”

“As a former chief of staff to a former vice president who called this home for 8 years, I must say that Charles Denyer has contributed much to history with this well researched book. And, I can say that with regard to the portion involving the vice president I served, the book is very accurate. While the stories about the house are interesting and the photographs really make the whole experience come alive, it is also a wonderfully revealing work about the changing role of The Vice President of the United States. The book reveals how for many years an important nucleus of leaders felt the nation was not adequately providing for the Vice President, whose role was seen to be growing. There is no doubt that with an office in the West Wing of the White House and an official residence, the era of the modern vice presidency was ushered in for all to behold.”

“A wonderful book, highly factual, well-researched, and well-represented.”

Charles Denyer has taken on the task of shedding a bright light on a subject of which few Americans are even aware, the Vice President’s house in Northwest Washington. The history of the house itself, the comings and goings of heads of state, artists and events of diplomacy are surrounded by the warmth and character of the families it has housed. It has been my pleasure to have been part of this important project.”

“Charles has done an extraordinary job of capturing four decades of history on one of America’s most treasured homes. A must-read book for those wanting to learn more about the official home of the Vice President of the United States.”

“Charles has done a great job researching and interviewing many people including former Vice Presidents and Vice-Presidential staff to provide us with a comprehensive look at the home of the Vice President of the United States. I personally have many memories and have taken countless photos in the Vice President’s home and am honored to have been a part of this historic book project.”

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