EP 00: Podcast Trailer ‘Serious Cybersecurity’ – Charles Denyer

How did the United States and Israel unleash a cyber-attack that crippled Iran’s nuclear program in 2010, ushering the world into a new age of cyberwar? What are the biggest cyber threats facing America – and the world – today? Is the new digital war even more dangerous and deadlier than any other threat we’ve ever faced? Who are the world’s most elite intelligence agencies and how are they battling today’s cybersecurity threats from rogue states? How safe is your organization and what can we all do to protect ourselves?

Welcome to ‘Serious Cybersecurity. I’m your host Charles Denyer.

In this show, I will journey deep into the dark world of cybersecurity, offering listeners a rare glimpse into the front lines of what’s become arguably one of the most important issues of our lifetime. With more than twenty years of national security and cybersecurity expertise, I work with organizations all throughout the globe – from startups to some of the world’s most iconic brands – in battling today’s cyber pandemic, and my insights are compelling and unparalleled. I now consult regularly with top political and business leaders throughout the world, including former vice presidents of the United States, White House chiefs of staff, secretaries of state, ambassadors, high-ranking intelligence officials, CEOs, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and others.

But more than cybersecurity war stories, Serious Cybersecurity will offer invaluable insight for organizations anywhere looking to design and deploy a robust cybersecurity program. From national security implications to keeping your business safe and secure, this is the podcast for all things cyber.

To learn more about cybersecurity and how to protect your organization, visit charlesdenyer.com today and get access to a wide range of world-class resources on all things cyber. Additionally, my companies offer comprehensive cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance services & solutions for businesses all across the globe. Book a call with me today at charlesdenyer.com/contact.

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