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Best-Selling Author, In-Demand Speaker, Entrepreneur.


Charles DenyerProven Technology, Cybersecurity & National Security Credentials. Best-Selling Author, In-Demand Speaker, Entrepreneur

Get to know Charles

Looking for one of America’s top business keynote speakers? Then get to know Charles Denyer – author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and expert in information technology, cybersecurity, and national security & geopolitical issues.

Life is about the journey we all take, and I’ve had one heck of a journey indeed. I grew up in the Woodlands, TX, a planned suburbia-like town just 28 miles North of downtown Houston. With four brothers and one sister – and an endless array of canine pals over the years – life was adventurous for the Denyer family. My father came to the United States after a whirlwind trip that started in Cape Town, South Africa, with pitstops along the way in Portsmouth, England, the Saskatchewan province in Canada, and two tiny cities in Western Oklahoma.

Fast forward and I’m now Senior Managing Partner at NDBGovSec, a global consulting firm specializing in national security critical infrastructure protection, information security & cybersecurity for U.S. and EU based organizations. Over the span of my professional career, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of organizations throughout every conceivable industry and business sector, and along the way I’ve learned some valuable lessons about life – and business.

With that said, here’s what I’ve learned and what I can bring to your next event as a keynote speaker:

  • Technology is radically changing the world as we know it.
  • Cybersecurity threats are emerging at an alarming rate, causing immense challenges.
  • Growing national security & geopolitical issues are re-shaping the global landscape like never before.

Unrivaled Expertise & Knowledge. Get to Know Charles.

Throughout that journey, you learned to sacrifice almost everything. We never had much, as witnessed by our 1,200 square foot, 3-bedroom home that housed all eight of us as we began our journey in Texas. But we had each other, and that’s what mattered then, and it’s what matters now. We’ve all heard the phrase, and it goes something like this:

Years from now it won’t matter what car you drove, what house you lived in, what clothes you wore. What will really matter is the influence you made on somebody’s life.

Top Rated Nationally Recognized Speaker

I’ve been fortunate to receive a great education, an exciting career, and opportunities that have really pushed me to the limits, both personally and professionally. Now, it’s about giving back and helping both individuals and businesses to succeed in today’s challenging world full of threats. I focus on three core pillars;

  1. Information technology
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. National Security & Geopolitical Issues

Within each of these pillars, I bring more than two decades of experience and expertise to the table when speaking to audiences. Making a difference in life can come in many forms, for me, it’s about informing and educating, and ultimately empowering individuals with knowledge.

Looking for a dynamic, globally recognized speaker and author, then contact Charles, one of America’s top business keynote speakers focusing on technology, cybersecurity, and national security.

Charles Denyer is one of America’s top business keynote speakers focusing on technology, cybersecurity, and national security.

Forging Relationships That Matter

Building relationships that matter has propelled both Charles’ personal life and professional career to new heights. He consults regularly with many of America’s top political, business, and civic leaders from the past four decades – men and women that matter and have made a difference in the world we all live in.

Charles is proud to call a number of America’s former Vice Presidents his friends, along with many other notable world leaders who’ve impacted his life in so many ways that he’s forever thankful.

Charles Denyer Today

America is facing immense technology, cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance and issues right now. Technology is creating massive changes in society, ushering in unprecedented levels of automation and efficiency never seen before. Cybersecurity threats are growing larger, more ominous with each passing year, forcing organizations to radically re-think how they protect assets, but also grow their company.

Emerging data privacy and regulatory compliance issues demand constant innovation from business leaders. Are you ready for the coming challenges facing your organization? But more importantly, are you ready to obtain a competitive with cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance by implementing a proven process that works?

​Unrivaled Technology & Cybersecurity Expertise

Charles has worked with hundreds of organizations throughout the world in all aspects of information technology, from architecting cloud-based solutions to choosing next-generation systems & applications, and much more. Technology is still in its infancy, with massive changes heading our way in the coming years, so get ready.

Organizations are under attack like never before from both internal and external threats. Hackers are on the loose desperately trying to exploit networks, and they’re succeeding with an alarming rate of success. Malicious employees trying to access information they’re explicitly prohibited from are now being caught at record numbers. Turn the challenges of cybersecurity into long-lasting profits for your business with proven methods that works.

So, How Can I Help Your Business GROW?

Let’s talk about you and helping grow your business like never before. While everybody is talking about the doom and gloom around cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance, there’s much to be optimistic about. That’s right, taking the negativity out of many of these core businesses challenges and turning them into a revenue generating opportunities is what Charles does for businesses. He works with CEO’s and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business. The opportunities in today’s technology driven world are huge.

Want to Grow? Then Forget About Price and Focus on Security

You’ve got clients, but you want more, so you continue to compete on the same old message of pricing. “We’re the best, the most cost-effective, fixed-fee,” and so forth. It’s an old song and dance that’s been played over and over again, and quite honestly, with little impact in terms of helping your business grow. Okay, so then you talk about value, and customer service, and more. Great, but that’s been re-hashed a thousand times also. You need to provide much more than pricing, value, and customer service, you need to provide something that nobody else – or very few other businesses are providing – to your customers.

Take the Next Step!

Are you a business offering services and solutions to customers, yet also looking for new revenue channels for true, sustainable, long-term growth? So many businesses have the mindset that growth only comes from acquiring new customers, failing to recognize the opportunities with their existing client base. Offer something new, useful, and relevant, and watch your revenues grow like never before. Now’s the time for a Security First marketing Method when it comes to cybersecurity.

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