Internet of Things Examples from Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker Charles Denyer

Learn about the Internet of Things (IoT), examples, and how it impacts your organization from Charles Denyer, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts and a globally recognized cybersecurity keynote speaker.

IoT is Creating Massive Cybersecurity Challenges. Are You Prepared?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating massive security challenges for businesses all over the world. With almost every conceivable electronic device having the ability to connect to the Internet and transfer data, hackers are on the loose looking to exploit software, and unfortunately, they’re succeeding at stealing highly sensitive data.  It’s unrealistic – and not financially feasible – to place such a heavy security burden on just one company when droves of other organizations have security responsibilities also.  

Hey CEO’s – Obtain YOUR Competitive Advantage with Cybersecurity

But there is a way to secure your IoT framework with proven principles that work.  Businesses want to work and use products from other businesses that are safe and secure from today’s ever-growing data breaches and cybersecurity risks.  If your business can do this, you’ve not only secured your IoT platform, you’ve also created a competitive advantage in the marketplace, which can translate into long-term growth and profits. 

In its most simplistic definition, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of computing devices all throughout the world that enable the storing, processing, and transmission of data.  These devices, and their supporting computing apparatus, are found in virtually everything we use in today’s society – desktop computer, mobile phones, tablets.  Stop and think of an everyday object, and you’ll almost certainly find IoT technology embedded in them. So, is IoT a device, a technology, something in between? It’s all of it, and more, and its’ rapidly changing the world we live in.  

With IoT Comes Massive Cybersecurity Risks

Technology is progressing so quickly that IoT is often failing to ensure adequate security safeguards are in control.  And with up to 30 Billion connected devices by 2020 (yes, I said Billion with a “B”), massive security holes are surfacing with IoT. That’s not good, and that’s not good for business owners.  And it’s definitely not good for your clients.

Fortunately, for CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business owners, there’s much that can be done with IoT for ensuring their own networks are secure, and turning the IoT scare tactics into profit generating revenues for their business.  How? By putting in place a proven methodology for securing an organization’s IoT platform that results in increased cybersecurity safety measures for both business owners and their clients.   The result is enhanced cybersecurity measures, increased profits, new clients, longer client retention, and much more. 

Why IoT is a Real Concern for this CEO

Alexander is CEO of a fast-growing software development firm specializing in healthcare data analytics. His company’s software connects with a large number of everyday products. Alexander came to me with serious concerns about his product’s cybersecurity posture. He knew that a security flaw in his software could potentially result in a massive data breach.  The thought of possibly having to deal with endless lawsuits and nightmarish press coverage against his business was agonizing.  

Alexander brought me in to see things differently – one from a security first perspective.  I help him and his team develop a comprehensive process for ensuring they built security into all of their product and service offerings. With a new mindset focusing on security, this allowed Alexander to have immense confidence in his products in terms of data security, but it also gave him great leverage in the marketplace over other service providers.

With new product deployments happening at regular intervals, Alexander was able to successfully put in place robust controls in place that resulted in enhanced security measures for all his products and services that live in the IoT world of interconnectivity. 

Want to Learn More and also Grow your Business?

Want to learn more about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how cybersecurity can be your rock-solid competitive advantage for long-term growth and profits? Charles Denyer, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity specialists and a globally recognized cybersecurity keynote speaker, offers organizations a way to secure their information systems, while also creating immense value – and increased revenue-generating opportunities from their clients.  How? By obtaining a competitive advantage through cybersecurity.  Book Charles as your next keynote speaker, and learn more about securing and growing your business today.

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