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Learn more about today’s emerging cybersecurity threats from Charles Denyer, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts and a globally recognized cybersecurity keynote speaker.

Executives are Struggling with Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

Businesses are struggling immensely with today’s growing cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance challenges.  Why? Because they’ve failed to build an information security framework for protecting their assets and IP. They’ve been unsuccessful in understanding and implementing the countless data privacy laws and regulations now in place. And they’ve been challenged by the growing alphabet list of regulations for which they must comply with.  

But don’t blame business owners – it’s not entirely their fault – after all, CEO’s and other executives often need a personal secretary just to keep them up to speed on cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.  

Hey CEO’s – Obtain YOUR Competitive Advantage with Cybersecurity

What you need is a new, seamless, and scalable approach for identifying, implementing, and continuously monitoring your growing cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance needs with a proven methodology used by thousands of businesses throughout the globe.  There’s a laundry list of providers that provide such services, so just make you pick the right one, and when you do, you’ll be able to leverage cybersecurity as a true competitive advantage – guaranteed. 

A CEO’s Most Pressing Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

We live in a complex world, one heavily dictated by information technology, so it’s no surprise that scores of hackers and other nefarious individuals exist, ready to create havoc and chaos in our lives. Here are some of the biggest emerging cybersecurity threats CEO’s are facing today:

  • Cyber Attack will Continue to Grow
  • Ransomware will be on the Rise
  • AI will Accelerate, and so will the Attacks
  • Insider Threats will be Bigger than Ever
  • Phishing Attacks will Continue to Grow
  • The Cloud will Continue to Grow, and so will the Attacks
  • America’s Critical Infrastructure will be a Prime Target
  • Security will be Lacking in New Product Launches
  • Organizations will Continue to Fail Miserably in Applying Security Patches
  • Cyber Espionage Threats Will Rise Significantly
  • National Security Implications will be Front and Center for America

That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of emerging cybersecurity threats. 

Cybersecurity – A CEO’s Worst Nightmare 

Jarrod is the CEO of a small, but growing Software as a Service (SaaS) healthcare organization that focuses on data analytics.  Jarrod came to me with some real concerns, issues that were keeping him up at night. Primarily, what does he need to be doing for protecting his client’s data. After all, a breach to Jarrod’s business would absolutely decimate it – the P.R. nightmare he’d suffer, along with endless lawsuits would be just too much to recover from. 

Jarrod’s concerns are and were no different than thousands of other service providers, and making the switch from fearing cybersecurity to embracing it was now possible. How? By understanding that today’s demanding cybersecurity, data privacy and regulatory compliance requirements are an absolute gold mine – a competitive advantage that very few firms, if any, are taking advantage of.  Jarrod came to me with valid concerns, and we got to work. 

How One CEO Took a Different Approach

Jarrod was having to fight three fronts on cybersecurity. First, he was dealing with his own set of rules and regulations he had to comply with. Second, he was having massive challenges in meeting these annual reporting mandates. And third, his customers were asking – almost demanding – that Jarrod help them also with their cybersecurity needs. He was tired, stressed, and looking for help. He didn’t want a data breach to ever happen, and he wanted to help his clients who were constantly calling for expert advice.

Eliminate Cybersecurity Threats and Create a True Competitive Advantage

I helped Jarrod take a unique, different perspective on cybersecurity.  Specifically, Jarrod took action with a proven program that ensured his cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance needs were met, but just as important – so were his client’s needs.  Jarrod was able to strengthen his security posture immensely, while also providing essential services to his clients who were wanting the exact same security and peace of mind. Jarrod was able to turn this into a true competitive advantage in his marketplace, allowing for increased revenues that he never even thought possible.  

In a relatively short time period, Jarrod was able to secure his network, meet his demanding compliance regulations, while also begin helping his clients with their own cybersecurity needs. It was an absolute win-win for Jarrod and his business.  Jarrod changed his mind-set about cybersecurity, and in doing so, created an immense revenue stream he never even thought possible just a few weeks earlier.

Want to Learn More and also Grow your Business?

Want to learn more about emerging cybersecurity threats and how cybersecurity can be your rock-solid competitive advantage for long-term growth and profits? Charles Denyer, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity specialists and a globally recognized cybersecurity keynote speaker, offers organizations a way to both secure their information systems, while also creating immense value – and increased revenue-generating opportunities from their clients.  How? By obtaining a competitive advantage through cybersecurity.  Book Charles as your next keynote speaker, and learn more about securing and growing your business today.

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