Data Breach Examples, Statistics, Threats & Cloud Security Implications

Learn more about data breach examples, statistics, issues, threats, and concerns from Charles Denyer, one of the world’s foremost cybersecurity experts and keynote speakers.

Here’s one thing we can all readily agree on. Data breaches are on the rise, and there seems to be no end in sight.  As the world ushers into the new digital millennium, almost everything we do in life has a direct nexus to computing systems.  And these very systems store, process, and transmit massive amounts of data at record speeds once thought imaginable. Great for our quality of life, but really bad when it comes to data privacy and ensuring data is safe and secure.

CEO’s and business owners growing their businesses now have to unfortunately think long and hard about data breaches and how one bad data breach – really, any breach – could land them out of a job and with years of legal headaches. Making security a top priority is not just on the wish list, it’s something that needs to be done, and now.

Hey Business Owners – Obtain YOUR Competitive Advantage with Cybersecurity

The good news is that for businesses that understand the importance of cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance, there’s much to be had in terms of growth, revenues, and profits. You see, businesses want to work with other businesses that take security seriously – they may not always come out and tell you. So, if you can message this to the marketplace – and practice what you preach – you’ve got a massive competitive advantage over almost any other business in your industry.

Data breaches are growing. They’re going to get worse and worse, and now’s the time for companies to get serious about cybersecurity.  Luckily, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to cybersecurity. What CEO’s and business owners should be doing is embracing cybersecurity, essentially turning it into a profit generating opportunity for your business. Forget about the doom and gloom that everyone is talking about when it comes to data breaches, and start implementing your competitive advantage.

How A Construction Company Turned Cybersecurity into a Profit Generating Machine

Jeff is CEO of small, growing construction business focusing on developing facilities for local and state municipalities.  He’s up against formidable players when it comes to winning bids, and lately, he’s been losing out. I helped Jeff think of a new and innovative business model in the construction business, and that’s offering cybersecurity services.  Amused, Jeff dug deeper and as I explained to him that he could attach a wealth of much-needed cybersecurity services – those essential to local and state municipalities – he’d be hitting a home run. It worked – and has continued to work for Jeff and his company – as his win rate on RFPs has gone through the roof.

I helped Jeff take a very traditional brick-and-mortar industry and turn it into a profit generating machine for his business. He truly embraced cybersecurity as his competitive advantage, and he’s now light years ahead of his competition.  Local and state municipalities are now looking at Jeff when it comes to not only obtaining high-quality facilities, but industry-leading cybersecurity measures for protecting these facilities and their infrastructure. Jeff is on a roll, to say the least!

Want to Learn More and also Grow your Business?

Want to learn more about data breach issues, best practices and how cybersecurity can be your rock-solid competitive advantage for long-term growth and profits? Charles Denyer, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity specialists and a globally recognized cybersecurity keynote speaker, offers organizations a way to secure their information systems, while also creating immense value – and increased revenue-generating opportunities from their clients.  How? By obtaining a competitive advantage through cybersecurity.  Book Charles as your next keynote speaker, and learn more about securing and growing your business today.

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