The Dark Web | Deep Web | Introduction and Overview

Learn more about the dark web and the deep web from Charles Denyer, one of the world’s foremost cybersecurity experts and keynote speakers.

The Surface Web

The surface web, known as the visible web, is what we’re all used to. Examples of the surface web are Google, Facebook, YouTube, and millions of other publicly accessible web pages.  Sites with .com, .net, org, and other domains are the surface web – and you may not know this – but it’s also the smallest part of the world wide web in terms of total web pages, with some estimates as low as .03% to as high as only 10%. 

The Dark Web

As for the dark web, as it’s commonly referred to, it’s actually a portion of the deep web. Specifically, the dark web is a small portion of the deep web that is often intentionally hidden and inaccessible through standard web browsers.  What will you find on the dark web – illegal information, drug trafficking sites, illegal pornography, private communication forums, human trafficking, TOR (.onion) encrypted websites, other black-market services, and more.

Did you know that websites that are found via search engines make up a miniscule of total pages available and indexed by the search engines!  How small – some statistics say as little as .03% of websites are found through search engines and indexed, with the remaining 99.7% of Internet pages consisting of UN-indexed pages.

The Deep Web

As for the deep web, which is often confused with the dark web, it consists of the entire web that is simply not accessible by conventional search engines. Examples of the deep web include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Academia information
  • Government information
  • Legal documents

Estimates are that as much as 90% of the information found on the Internet is considered the deep web, and not accessible by “surface web” crawlers.  Still, this doesn’t mean the information is dark web. 

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