Critical Infrastructure Protection & Cybersecurity Threats for North America

Learn more about critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity threats from Charles Denyer, one of the world’s foremost cybersecurity experts and keynote speakers.

Intro: The United States is under attack like never before. No, it’s not an invasion of armies at our borders. It’s not an air assault from jets and helicopters.  It’s the growing cybersecurity attacks that threaten to de-capitate our entire way of life in this country.  America’s critical infrastructure protection is now more important than ever as hackers and state-sponsored terrorists seek to create havoc on the U.S. ecosystem.  The very thousands of businesses responsible for running the complex, technology-driven North American economy are now under fierce attack from growing cybersecurity threats.

CEO’s and business owners couldn’t have possibly imagined the magnitude of cybersecurity threats just a few short years ago, but they’re here, and they need to be addressed.  

Hey CEO’s – Obtain YOUR Competitive Advantage with Cybersecurity

The good news is that by implementing proven measures for increasing one’s cybersecurity posture, businesses can lock-down and secure their environment from these threats, while also adding immense value to their products and services.  By levering cybersecurity, businesses don’t have to compete on price alone, instead, they now have a formidable weapon that gives them a true competitive advantage.

Why Critical Infrastructure Threats are Keeping CEO’s Up at Night

Thousands of businesses directly impact America’s critical infrastructure, but they may not even be aware of it. Do you offer services and solutions in banking, transportation, or any other major industry? If yes, then you’re a player in U.S. critical infrastructure, which means you’re vulnerable to the growing cybersecurity threats facing America.  CEO’s and business owners are built to run businesses – growing their market share, increasing profits and revenues – but they also need to find a way to secure their organizations, or face mounting security issues. 

Luckily, for security conscious and market-savvy businesses, there’s a number of fundamental cybersecurity controls you can put in place for not only protecting your systems, but also your entire network, and if you have client’s – then also protecting their systems and data also. This in turn will grow your business like never before. 

Turning a CEO’s Nightmare into a Profit Generating Machine

Alexandria is a CEO of a growing software firm in the financial services industry. Her company’s products are used by over 250 financial institutions around the country.  She’s very concerned about the safety and security of her I.T. infrastructure, and also that of her client’s data that she stores.  After all, she knows that a data breach could ruin her business overnight, so it’s time for her to act and get serious about cybersecurity. 

I worked with Alexandria in helping her entire organization understand the importance of cybersecurity. This meant building security into all of her products and solutions, and it didn’t require re-inventing the wheel.  Within a few weeks, I helped Alexandra and her I.T. team develop and implement a robust set of cybersecurity measures that greatly enhanced the company’s overall security posture.  This also resulted in a true competitive advantage for her business in the marketplace.  

What was a big concern for Alexandra now became a true vehicle for driving growth and profits! Her business gained a true competitive advantage in the marketplace over other providers.

Want to Learn More?

Want to learn more about critical infrastructure and how cybersecurity can be your rock-solid competitive advantage for long-term growth and profits? Charles Denyer, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity specialists and a globally recognized cybersecurity keynote speaker, offers organizations a way to secure their information systems, while also creating immense value – and increased revenue-generating opportunities from their clients.  How? By obtaining a competitive advantage through cybersecurity.  Book Charles as your next keynote speaker, and learn more about securing and growing your business today.

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