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Obtaining a Competitive Advantage Through Cybersecurity

One on One With Charles®

What is One on One with Charles®? It’s my business philosophy when working with organizations. It’s about giving my full-attention to a client’s needs, helping them grow and prosper like never before.

I receive hundreds of inquiries a month from businesses all over the world, but can only help a select few at a time. Working with an organization, truly understanding their needs, and making a real and meaningful impact – that’s a big effort! So, for the select, few organizations that I do help, it’s the true One on One with Charles® experience with me. It’s about…

  • Working to understand an organization’s needs in creating true growth.
  • Developing a game plan that truly leverages cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance as an organization’s competitive advantage.
  • It’s about me working with you, side-by-side, every step of the way

Learn more about Fortress Security® and Let’s Grow®, my two signature professional services that I offer to businesses all around the globe.

These are my two Signature Services - which fits you best?

What’s the Difference between Fortress Security® and Let’s Grow®? Simple. One is about strategy, that’s Fortress Security®. And one is about execution, and that’s Let’s Grow®. People talk all the time about growing a business, and you need both strategy and execution to make it happen. Some clients just want me to architect their vision, a concept that they can then execute on their own. Others want the entire package, and that’s why I offer both.  Choose your avenue for success and let’s get started.

Explore - Fortress Security®

It’s what I call a security first mindset - a competitive advantage with cybersecurity

Explore - Let's Grow®

It’s what I call rolling up your sleeves and getting serious about growing your business

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  • Develop Your Core Message
  • Grow Your Business
We need people like you in today's cyber world, no question about it
Walter Mondale
42nd Vice President of the United States of America

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