Professional Public Speakers – Technology, Cybersecurity, InfoSec

Charles Denyer is one of America’s top professional public speakers, with keynote speeches on information technology, cybersecurity, information security, and national security.

Charles has over two decades of real-world experience when it comes to the core elements of information technology, national security, and geopolitical issues. And within these three areas, there are literally dozens and dozens of sub-topical categories for which Charles has immense knowledge and expertise on. Say goodnight to traditional, monotonous, uninspiring presentations, and say hello to an incredibly fresh, dynamic, highly charged event.

Access. Expertise. Influence.

Want to walk away with a unique and fresh perspective on many of today’s technology, cybersecurity, and national security & geopolitical issues? How about an inside view into a world that very few have access to? From cybersecurity best practices you need to be implementing to the ongoing nuclear proliferation issues around the world, Charles speaks with first-hand knowledge and unrivaled expertise on these topics, and dozens more.

  • Access. Established Relationships with Distinguished Political and Business Figures.
  • Expertise. Proven Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, and Business Credentials.
  • Influence. Best-Selling Author, In-Demand Speaker, Entrepreneur.

A Dynamic, Inspiring and Visionary Speaker – that’s Charles​​

Looking for a speaker that can bring immense knowledge to your event? How about somebody with years of expertise in information technology, cybersecurity, national security & geopolitical issues – that’s Charles. Time is short, and people’s attention spans are even shorter, all the more reason for bringing in a speaker that can truly make a difference the very minute they walk on the stage.

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