“We’ve Been Hit, Now What?” – Responding to a Cyber Attack

Delivery:75 Minutes
Time can be reduced or lengthened, depending on your needs
Format:Interactive with audience, Q&A, along with use of other visuals as needed.


Statistically speaking, a cyber attack will almost surely happen to every business at some point. It’s simply impossible to have a completely full-proof security program that’s in place and functioning as required 24/7. If you’ve been hit with a cyber-attack, do you know what steps to take – and immediately? How do you quarantine systems? What notification procedures are in place? Do all employees have specific roles and responsibilities if such an attack unfolds? Charles’ keynote, “We’ve Been Hit, Now What” – Responding to a Cyber Attack will get your organization ready and prepared for putting into action all the necessary steps for successfully responding to a cyber-attack.

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Topic covered in Charles’ keynote include the following

  • Alarming statistics on breaches and the slow responses, and the consequences
  • Essential training measures for getting your organization prepared
  • The importance of a well-written Incident Response Plan
  • Responding and mobilizing 101 best practices
  • Securing and quarantining systems
  • Investigating incidents and lessons learned
  • Public Relations essential for managing incidents
  • Assessing legal and regulatory compliance issues

Learn how to Gain A Competitive Advantage through Cybersecurity