Cyber Primer – The A to Z on Cybersecurity

Delivery:75 Minutes
Time can be reduced or lengthened, depending on your needs
Format:Interactive with audience, Q&A, along with use of other visuals as needed.


What’s ransomware and why should I care? How safe are free WIFI zones? I just received an email saying I won a free cruise to the Bahamas, but I need to click on the link to register – should I? These are just a few examples of the hundreds of questions I receive from individuals all across the country regarding growing cybersecurity concerns. Your business – and your employees – are not alone – as organizations struggle immensely in grasping basic and fundamental concepts relating to information security and cybersecurity. And that’s a real danger, as serious consequences can be had when unsuspecting, honest employees become victims of an ever-growing list of cybersecurity attacks.

What every organization should have is a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity, and Charles’ Cyber Primer – The A to Z on Cybersecurity, delivers!

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Topic covered in Charles’ keynote include the following

  • Understanding the importance of cybersecurity in business and society
  • Introduction to terminology and basic concepts in cybersecurity
  • Overview of today’s most common cybersecurity attack techniques and threats, such as: Ransomware - Phishing - Insider Threats - External Hackers - And More
  • Overview of the legal, regulatory, and ethical standards relating to cybersecurity
  • Future trends in cybersecurity
  • Security Awareness Training done the RIGHT way

Learn how to Gain A Competitive Advantage through Cybersecurity

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Obtaining a Competitive Advantage with Cybersecurity
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