Charles Denyer – Up Close and Personal with Former Vice President Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney Charles Denyer

From the final days of Watergate to the great financial crisis of 2008, Dick Cheney has been front-and-center in many of America’s most significant and consequential political events. Cheney’s political resume is nothing short of legendary – youngest Chief of Staff to ever serve a President of the United States, Wyoming’s lone Congressman for a decade, Secretary of Defense under the first President Bush, and 46th Vice President of the United States.

As the most powerful vice president in America’s long and storied history – and arguably one of the world’s most consequential statesmen of the last half-century, Dick Cheney’s political impact on America – and the world – has been cemented in history. Author Charles Denyer reveals the Dick Cheney that many simply don’t know, a man that for decades has shunned the spotlight and the media, which has only added to the mystique of America’s former vice president. In his groundbreaking search, Denyer reveals a man deeply steeped in the inner workings of the American political system, yet also someone with a true conviction and commitment to his values, regardless of what others say or think.

Cheney provides his biographer, Charles Denyer, with access to rarely seen materials covering his political career, hundreds of hours of private interviews spanning over a half-decade, and an up-close and intimate portrait of the world according to Dick Cheney.

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Charles works with CEO’s, entrepreneurs, business owners – anyone with a true passion for securing & growing their company in today’s challenging & complex business arena. Charles also consults regularly with top political and business leaders including former Vice Presidents of the United States, Secretaries of State, ambassadors, high-ranking intelligence officials, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and others. Learn more at


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