19 Things to Know About Cybersecurity in 2019 | #1. CYBER ATTACKS WILL CONTINUE TO GROW

cyber attack 2019

The world is awash in cybersecurity attacks, and there seems to be no end in sight. What was once a rarity is now being accepted as commonplace in today’s world as data breaches just keep coming and coming, an almost one-way freight train that can’t be stopped. Think of the recent high-profile cyber-attacks and how devastating they’ve been – the Sony Pictures breach of 2014, Yahoo’s compromise of hundreds of millions of user accounts from 2012 to 2014, and to top it all off, Equifax, the company who makes a living reporting, securing, and monitoring credit files, and their massive – and no doubt embarrassing – data breach.

The cold hard truth is that hackers are good at what they do, and getting better all the time. Remember, they only have to be right once, whereas businesses have to be right every time when it comes to effective InfoSec and cybersecurity measures. That’s not a winning formula, and its exactly why breaches will continue in 2019, and why they’ll also grow in terms of occurrences and in severity.

FireEye, an industry leading professional security services firm disclosed the following in their publication titled, “2019 – Facing Forward, Cybersecurity in 2019 and Beyond”:

  • Cyber Attacks will Continue to Grow In 2019 and beyond, we expect to see more nations developing offensive cyber capabilities. There are people that claim nations should not do this, but in the halls of most governments around the world, officials are likely thinking their nation needs to consider offensive operations or they will be at a disadvantage.
  • There have been a lot of cloud-related challenges throughout 2018 and we expect to see those continue & evolve as we move into 2019. First, a lot of data is moving to the cloud and the attackers are going right along with it. We’re seeing a massive uptick in the number of incidents that involve cloud, and that’s really just attackers following the data.
  • Cyber espionage activity related to the initiative will likely include the emergence of new groups and nation-state actors. Given the range of geopolitical interests affected by this endeavor, it may be a catalyst for emerging nation-state cyber actors to use their capabilities.
  • Attribution and accountability are two of the biggest sticking points when it comes to winning the war in cyberspace. Without risks and repercussions for malicious activity carried out on the internet, attackers will keep attacking and organizations will keep getting breached.

Big challenges, indeed. Welcome to the new world of cybersecurity. Hang on folks, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.


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