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Charles DenyerAccess. Expertise. Influence.

Senior Partner in National Security & Cybersecurity.
Author. Speaker. Entrepreneur

I was in Washington on 9/11, the day the terrorists attacked the Pentagon. Seeing the events unfold and how the nation responded put a new face on our country and inspired a new mission for me. For the last two decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of US and international organizations in helping them obtain a true competitive advantage with cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance. 

I consult regularly with top political and business leaders throughout the world, including former vice presidents of the United States, White House chiefs of staff, secretaries of state, ambassadors, high-ranking intelligence officials, CEOs, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and others. The time I’ve spent with these transformational figures and the insights they’ve shared has afforded me a front-row seat into many of the world’s most consequential events of the past five decades, and what lies ahead.

I’m an established author, with multiple books currently in print, along with being selected as the personal biographer for two of America’s former Vice Presidents – Dick Cheney, a giant in US politics, and Dan Quayle, sworn into office at just 41 years old.  My upcoming publications include Texas Titans (2020), the story of two legends in US politics: George H.W. Bush and James A. Bakers, III and Blindsided (2021), an in-depth examination of today’s growing challenges with cyber-attacks, data breaches, terrorism & social violence.

We need people like you in today's cyber world, no question about it
Walter Mondale
42nd Vice President of the United States of America

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The world has changed. Half a century ago, a businesses’ biggest fear was thieves breaking into their front door. Today they have to deal with what seems like something from the pages of science fiction thrillers. Nefarious hackers in the dark corners of the world, sneaking into their businesses through information systems, stealing their most valuable assets – their data. 

Good news. There is a way to combat this growing threat simply, and for those who do it right, there’s actually a substantial silver lining. See, people want to work with organizations where they know their data will be safe. Also, they know most organizations are incapable of doing just that. So, if you manage this issue head on, and message your above-average ability to do this, it can become your competitive advantage, resulting in increased prices, customer retention, leads and closure rates. The end-result is substantial increase in business profits over your competitors.

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